Create understanding, unity and fair representation within the field of Psychology in South Africa.


“Being the voice of Counselling Psychologists in South Africa by establishing networks and partnerships to promote discussions and decision-making amongst all relevant stakeholders.”

Core Values

CPSA will commit itself to develop and uphold the following core values:


Transparency CPSA will have no hidden agendas and will display transparency not only to its members, but also to all partners and affiliates.
Commitment CPSA will commit to addressing the relevant issues pertaining to Counselling Psychology in South Africa, as well as playing a key role in developing the field of Psychology.
Honesty CPSA will display honesty and truth in all communications, discussions and/or statements to its members, partners and affiliates.
Fairness CPSA will promote fairness in all situations and on all platforms to be, as far as reasonably possible, an inclusive entity with no prejudice.
Openness CPSA will be open to new ideas, discussions and developments to promote not only Counselling Psychology, but Psychology as a whole.