Counselling Psychology SA (hereinafter referred to as “CPSA”) is a newly founded organisation. The organisation is registered as a Non-profit Organisation (NPO) with registration number 2019/263785/08.
An executive committee has been elected and is currently strategizing and planning to ensure the development of CPSA as a recognised entity within the field of Psychology in South Africa. CPSA’s constitution addresses issues relating to its functioning and objectives, but the need for a strategic plan was identified to assist in creating a strategic approach. This document will act as the current strategic plan of CPSA and can be made available to prospective partners and/or affiliates to create a level of awareness and understanding.
In order to establish a strategic plan for CPSA, we have identified 5 core elements that need to be established and addressed at this stage in the development of CPSA. The core elements are:

1. Vision
2. Mission
3. Core Values
4. Strategic Goals/Objectives
5. Action Plans

Herewith will follow the description of the core elements as outlined in the adopted strategic plan of CPSA.

Strategic Plan

1. Vision
“Create understanding, unity and fair representation within the field of Psychology in South Africa.”

2. Mission
“Being the voice of Counselling Psychologists in South Africa by establishing networks and partnerships to promote discussions and decision-making amongst all relevant stakeholders.”

3. Core Values
CPSA will commit itself to develop and uphold the following core values:

CPSA will have no hidden agendas and will display transparency not only to its members, but also to all partners and affiliates.

CPSA will commit to addressing the relevant issues pertaining to Counselling Psychology in South Africa, as well as playing a key role in developing the field of Psychology.

CPSA will display honesty and truth in all communications, discussions and/or statements to its members, partners and affiliates.

CPSA will promote fairness in all situations and on all platforms to be, as far as reasonably possible, an inclusive entity with no prejudice.

CPSA will be open to new ideas, discussions and developments to promote not only Counselling Psychology, but Psychology as a whole.

4. Strategic Goals/Objectives
The strategic goals/objectives listed below are integrated with the objectives that can be found in the CPSA constitution.
4.1. Register and establish CPSA as a recognised legal entity focussing on the voluntary membership of Counselling Psychologists in South Africa;
4.2. Create awareness of the vision and mission of CPSA amongst all role-players and stakeholders;
4.3. Establish a network of Counselling Psychologists with a functioning database and communications platform, as well as stimulate and maintain contact within the membership;
4.4. Position and represent the Counselling Psychologist in the public and private sector at national and international level on various platforms, including forums, meetings, etc.;
4.5. Establish partnerships with existing organisations, associations, and/or institutions;
4.6. Offer consensus statements, policies, guidelines, guidance, coding advice, and suchlike on professional issues in the sub-specialty to interested and affected persons and entities;
4.7. Assist in fair and relevant development of Counselling Psychology, including enhancing, guiding and protecting the rights and interests of members and the profession within the sub-specialty on professional, ethical and clinical matters;
4.8. Make a meaningful contribution to mental health care needs in South Africa, while promoting and facilitating the maintenance and enforcement of ethical and professional standards; and
4.9. Assist members by investigating complaints by third parties and representing them professionally to ensure that the Counselling Psychology profession maintains only the highest standards.

5. Action Plans
The action plans will be given in correspondence to the strategic goals/objectives.
5.1. Follow all legal protocol;
5.2. Liaise with role-players and stakeholders through “meet and greet”, as well as using communication means to spread awareness of the establishment of CPSA;
5.3. Market membership of CPSA through various platforms. Identify and implement software that will meet the needs and budget of CPSA to communicate with its members;
5.4. Identify public and private sector platforms already active where CPSA can join in discussions to represent the Counselling Psychologist;
5.5. Identify entities that will be open to partnerships and consider the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Also seek out funding opportunities or the sharing of legal costs when considering aligning with current legal actions taking place relevant to the profession of Psychology;
5.6. Action as needed;
5.7. Use established partnerships and platforms to address pressing issues affecting Counselling Psychology;
5.8. Continuous action; and
5.9. Action as needed.